Bangkok, Thailand—infamous for its ruggedly vibrant nightlife—introduces a groundbreaking addition to the scene. Having carved its own dynamic niche in the luxury clubbing space, Thonglor’s BEAM Club expands to the energetic Sathorn neighborhood with its latest venture, BEAMCUBE. The recently opened venue is set to redefine the city's nocturnal landscape, offering a multifaceted destination for music enthusiasts and partygoers alike.

Situated on the 6th floor of the Mahanakorn Cube in Sathorn district, BEAMCUBE is more than just a nightclub. Bringing together an intimate cocktail bar, a sophisticated listening lounge fitted with top-of-the-line equipment for cutting-edge sound quality, and the promise of an unparalleled dance floor experience all under one roof, it’s a sanctuary for audiophiles as well as a new go-to spot for discerning guests. It is a natural evolution for the BEAM brand, already renowned and beloved for its lively dance floors, inventive cocktails, and infectious party energy.

Several features make BEAMCUBE stand out from Bangkok’s saturated clubbing landscape, namely:

Exceptional music curation. The programming at BEAMCUBE is curated by none other than Brent Burns (Transport) and Sebastian De La Cruz (Mumsfilibaba, Tropic City). This duo is guaranteed to deliver a diverse and electrifying musical journey for patrons.

A refined bar setting. Further elevating the experience is a dedicated selection of craft cocktails led by Beverage Manager Sebestian, formerly of Teens of Thailand. Expect expertly formulated libations to complement the music.

The focus on a holistic auditory experience. BEAMCUBE's listening lounge concept provides the perfect space to connect with music on a deeper, more personal, and immersive level. Music aficionados will revel in the state-of-the-art sound design featuring a handmade TPI sound system.

BEAMCUBE’s soft launch, ongoing until January, sets the stage for another extraordinary achievement for Thailand’s restless capital city. This early phase allows guests to witness the gradual evolution of this new musical haven. Last weekend (November 17-18), the club kicked off with two inaugural international acts: Manchester-based DJ and producer Hidden Spheres as well as Parisian maestro Hugo LX, an encouraging suggestion of what’s to come.

As BEAM continues to grow, the company stays true to its commitment of providing remarkable experiences that celebrate the joy of music and dance. Bangkok’s nightlife already offers a symphony of experiences to explore. The addition of BEAMCUBE takes it to the next level, pushing its development in new directions.