Seoul's very own Nyapi is gearing up to celebrate its first anniversary this weekend. This milestone will be marked by two incredible events on Friday and Saturday nights, promising a non-stop fiesta that will keep the party going until the early hours of Sunday, August 13th. With more than 10 phenomenal local DJs gracing the turntables, including the likes of Airbear, dguru, Hyerang, club founder FFAN, and special guest KZA from Japan – Nyapi is ready to blow out its first candle.

Beyond the beats stretching over two floors – the Veranda and the Main Stage, there's an extra special treat in store for all attendees. Nyapi's art director, the visionary Hugo Capablanca, will unveil a captivating collection of original artworks. His distinct artistic vision has been instrumental in shaping Nyapi's identity “ HOME OF THE FREE “, and this exclusive art sale is a fitting tribute to Nyapi’s first anniversary celebration.

Nyapi has not only celebrated established artists, such as Skatebård, Soyoon or CHIDA but has also been a platform for rising local talents like Mogwaa or Juncheol to shine. This commitment to supporting the music community has led to a tight-knit family of artists and fans that make every night at Nyapi feel like a family reunion.

If you're in Seoul this weekend, get ready to dance, connect, and create lasting memories as Seoul's favorite club marks its first remarkable year and sets the stage for an even brighter future.