For the very first time in Thailand’s boisterous capital, experimental electronic sound and avant-garde visual arts converge, taking center stage at DIAGE Festival to be held at Show DC, Bangkok throughout a weekend from November 11 to November 12.

The synergistic collaboration is helmed by a team of organizers from Zubscribe, design agency Choux Lab, motion graphics studio SquareDots., as well as Bangkok night club DECOMMUNE. Featuring over 60 Thai and international artists, the event is not only the first of its kind but one of the largest, most impressive showcases of high-caliber talent making waves and pushing the boundaries of dance music and digital art.

To shed more light on this groundbreaking effort, we spoke with Chaiyapat Plubsiri (Natt), DIAGE Founder and Creative Director, as well as Pathompol Chanin (New), Co-Founder and Music Director.

“Our passion for digital arts and electronic music led us to create DIAGE,” began Natt. With a founding team consisting of musicians and visual artists, the opportunity to combine forces was a natural compulsion. After traveling to various music and arts festivals across Asia and Europe, “We were impressed by the atmosphere and variety… and wanted to bring a similar experience to Thailand,” he concluded.

The concept had been floating around since the days of DECOMMUNE’s former location at Thonglor. Advocating for an artist and music-forward philosophy, the idea continued to grow. “Now, in 2023, it has come back with renewed enthusiasm and greater experience. We feel that now is the perfect time to pursue this endeavor and thus, we present DIAGE,” New explained.

DIAGE invites people from all walks of life to experience novel forms of entertainment. “Our festival aims to create diverse cultural experiences, promoting music and art while encouraging the exchange of ideas,” said Natt. “We offer another option for music festivals. One that presents new directions and diversity. Attending a music festival doesn't have to be just about entertainment. You can come to learn, meet new people, and engage in conversations to exchange ideas and experiences. This could lead you to create something new in the future,” he emphasized.

Aside from riveting audiovisual performances by genre-crossing artists in the field, the DIAGE program includes talks and master classes, a coding workshop, immersive lighting and production design, as well as multimedia installations by regional artists. “We also want to provide a space for artists to find opportunities and a platform for them to shine,” said Natt.

He continued, “In addition to watching performances by various artists, we also invite them to join us for conversations, to share their behind-the-scenes experiences, thought processes, and deep-seated inspirations.” Unlike typical music festivals that mostly cater to party veterans and dance enthusiasts, DIAGE aspires to welcome a broader range of attendees. “Whether you're in the audio/visual field, passionate about concert production, into coding, technology, and much more, delving into these discussions might just spark the creative force for you to showcase with us in the coming years. Who knows?” Natt implored.

“Our goal is to create a strong bond with our audience by highlighting the beauty of digital art and electronic music in our region,” stated New. “Our focus for this year is on visual technology. In the following year, we plan to expand to music production and performance art,” he added.

Among the festival highlights are performances and collaborative presentations by Nonotak, Doon Kanda & Jesse Kanda, Nosaj Thing & Daito Manabe, Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet, Peter Van Hoesen, Batu, Wanton Witch,, Marmosets, Ocean Lam, object blue, and more. Lighting and installations are provided by SquareDots., Human Spectrum, Footprints on Mars, Nawin Nuthong, Panlert, Sidehouse Sunshine, Trystand, Tara Emsavana, Kittikarn Amprot, and roma.

With such a progressive concept and eclectic roster of featured artists, DIAGE is sure to attract a mixed crowd including many first-time festival-goers and people unfamiliar with such experimental ideas. Bangkok is already known as a champion of inclusive, holistic events and festivals. The city celebrates cultural and gender diversity through art, music, and accessibility. The venue, at the 6th Floor Hall of Show DC, will be divided into five zones, with three distinct stages. Plenty of nearby hotels and accommodations along Rama 9 Road conveniently invite guests from around the world.

Trailblazing events like DIAGE that cultivate original experiences built on strong community spirit deserve the support of anyone and everyone seeking fresh perspectives on contemporary and alternative music, art, technology, and entertainment.

Finally, New urged, “Don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown. Keep an open mind and stay curious. The world is going furiously fast, man.”

And so are tickets to DIAGE, so make your reservations today!