Hanoi's pulsating nightlife gets a vibrant boost with the addition of two exciting new resident DJs to Savage’s roster: Cong and TaoFu. Having garnered experience and acclaim throughout Vietnam’s party circuit, these two promising talents are ready to infuse their creativity and sonic innovation into the city's club culture.

Cong has made a name for himself in Hanoi as a dynamic artist specializing in high-energy beats that ignite the dance floor. His enthusiasm behind the decks is palpable and infectious, creating an electric atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. With a keen ear for rhythm and a selection spanning sounds across techno, house, DnB, and breakbeats, Cong transcends genre and format, elevating club nights to new heights. As an indispensable part of Hanoi’s network of local crews, his innate ability to read the crowd and adapt his selections accordingly ensures every set is a unique experience that leaves clubbers wanting more.

No stranger to the underground, TaoFu brings a captivating blend of mystic melodies and sparkling rhythms to the decks, having immersed herself in the scene for many years before she even hit the decks. With her sets that weave together diverse influences, TaoFu takes dancers on an ethereal journey traversing realms of deep house, electro, techno, and beyond with a rousing flourish. This ability to draw inspiration from a variety of soundscapes imbues her sets with a cathartic energy that fits perfectly with the eclectic, music-forward vibe Savage is renowned for.

Hanoi's nightlife and club scene has been evolving at an astonishing pace over recent years, with venues like Savage at the forefront of this transformation. The city's culturally rich backdrop and vibrant local community have laid the foundation for a burgeoning electronic music scene that's making waves beyond the region. Savage has consistently pushed boundaries, bringing in international heavyweights as well as championing local talent on its hallowed decks.

With Cong and TaoFu now joining the ranks of Savage’s resident DJs, the club's impact on the local scene deepens. These artists not only embody the richness of Hanoi's musical landscape but also bring a unique flair that resonates with both seasoned clubbers and newcomers alike, fostering an even stronger connection between the audience and the music.

Photo credit: Tonya Dzyubenko