Set to amplify Hanoi’s nightlife, Unmute is the newest electronic music club to hit the scene. Opening its doors for the first time on September 1 and 2, Unmute aspires to be a sonic haven that brings together established artists and fosters emerging talents.

In recent years, Hanoi has made its reputation as a destination attracting crowds of music aficionados, clubbers, and curious newcomers. The ancient capital’s historic streets, once synonymous with traditional culture, now resonate with the buzz of electronic beats, house music, techno, and experimentation in sound. As Vietnam’s economic development continues to flourish, the city has witnessed a remarkable transformation that mirrors its own urban growth. From humble beginnings to a burgeoning nightlife hub, a newfound openness to global influences paves the way for resurgent subcultures.

Situated on the edge of Hoan Kiem district, amid bustling local markets and the swell and swerve of honking traffic, Unmute takes over another former club space in an unassuming commercial building complex, The Warehouse. Resilience, adaptation, transformation, and evolution are themes that echo through the night club’s vision, born of Hanoi’s characteristic fusion of time-honored tradition with forward-looking novelty.

More than just a venue, Unmute is a movement that embodies the spirit of change and renewal happening in the region. A relatively fresh addition to the local landscape himself, local DJ and Unmute founder Lam Dao has proven to be a key player in the scene. Exemplifying the club’s ethos, he rallies a roster of DJ residents who demonstrate this blend of legacy and innovation. Anh Vy, one of the youngest DJs in the country, made his mark as a resident of Saigon clubbing mecca The Observatory and as a member of the Atipik Collective. Meanwhile, Viet Anh has gained admiration for his diligence and dedication to cultivating the local scene over many years, with pivotal roles in collectives like Studio Adventure and Liên Hoan; he is a cornerstone of the Unmute team. Joining them is Quan, an adept veteran who has been in Hanoi’s music industry for over a decade.

For the Soft Launch happening on September 1 and 2, Unmute gathers a veritable who’s who of Vietnam’s DJ talent from across the nation as well as the recognized movers and shakers who have contributed to the growth of Hanoi’s nightlife—a lineup that highlights the city’s collaborative essence.

The weekend starts off with notable selector Cong and continues with Manikk, Khoi Mai, Park:ING, Zwi, Dusan, and Marco Yanes. On Saturday, the club’s residents Anh Vy, Viet Anh, and Lam Dao are joined by TaoFu, Teodora Van Context, and ToK.

At the helm of this immersive club environment is trained architect, director, designer, and representative of SOIHOUSE Inc., Jiro Endo. The cutting-edge space spans two distinct spaces, the Cuốn Club Room and the rooftop Tan Bar. Endo, whose brilliant work has graced massive outdoor festivals such as WonderFruit, intimate gallery spaces, fashion events, as well as Tokyo clubs, meticulously merges modernity with the city’s distinct character.

The club room boasts a custom locally crafted 4-way sound system, developed together with Mark Own Audio and purpose-built for Unmute. Utilizing horn-loaded design paired with advanced crossover technology, the speakers deliver a balanced, articulated sound throughout the room, with a versatility that accommodates the wide spectrum of music and genres that the club espouses. Atmospheric lighting offers a dynamic visual experience. The dance floor, with its spring-loaded surface, becomes an extension of movement and rhythm, making each step a seamless part of the music.

The Tan Bar, on the 5th and 6th floors, provides meticulously crafted cocktails and drinks alongside panoramic vistas overlooking the Red River. With its intimate nooks and sweeping city views, this is the place to catch your breath, cozy up, and engage in conversations away from the heavy thump and hum of the club room.  

Welcoming guests for the first time this weekend, Unmute’s curated club experience aims to push boundaries by providing a platform to showcase seasoned artists, develop upcoming talents, and deliver an authentic, new understanding of what nightlife could be.