Forest walks, beach waves, and sonic soundscapes come together for Zhao Dai On Leave, China’s buzzworthy outdoor festival that returns on May 12 to May 14. With the summer sun shining overhead and the promise of dusk, midnight, and dawn, the upcoming festival is set to be a stunning showcase of electronic music and artistic talent.

This year’s gathering marks the fourth seaside celebration for the Beijing-based club as well as its first to feature a roster of international guests from New York, Dusseldorf, Paris, Lausanne, Tokyo, and Seoul. These global voices promise to shift perspectives and inspire fresh creativity among the domestic talents of the local club scene. Adhering to their original mission of championing homegrown acts, there will be performances by DJs from across Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and of course, Beijing, as well as a special lineup curated by SVBKVLT, one of the country’s foremost purveyors of forward-thinking electronic music.

For three days and two nights, Zhao Dai On Leave will occupy the eastern coast of Beidaihe, about a two-and-a-half hour train ride away from the capital city. The festival offers music as their remedy of choice for restless wanderers and languid souls. Guests are invited to open their senses and immerse themselves in the festival’s natural rhythms, celebrating an integration of the burgeoning domestic club scene and their global counterparts.

The goal is to create a synergy between music and environment, allowing attendees to leave their worries behind and move their bodies to the emotional power of music. Zhao Dai On Leave hopes to bring back the rapture, love, and clarity that many have been missing in their everyday lives. As the festival organizers suggest, the journey of electronic music is a hypnotic experience, one that people should “think of as a dream, and wake up still moved.”

So take a few days off and lose yourself to sensation, explore new sounds, and feel the surge of artistic expression at Zhao Dai On Leave this weekend, May 12 to May 14.