Bad Times Records Opens Physical Pop Up Store in Hong Kong

Bad Times Disco, which has served as a pop-up record store and party series for the past three years, has launched a temporary physical shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Opened on 11th January 2023, the physical store named, Bad Times Records, will sell a selection of second-hand records – focussing on rare Asian grooves and electronic music ranging from the 90s to the 2010s. 

Situated on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, adjacent to the renowned Chung King Mansions, the 648-square-foot store aims to draw in a fresh demographic of creatives and music professionals to the shopping complex. 

The main objective of the five-month pop-up is to establish a stable and grounding physical space in Hong Kong for music lovers and DJs to connect, providing an alternative to the transient nature of parties and events.

Along with a selection of secondhand and vintage clothing, curated by No ThrillSS, Bad Times Records will offer locally sourced beverages and serve as a venue for workshops, events, and gatherings catering to the local DJ, producer, and music enthusiast community. 

The store will operate as a pop-up for five months, primarily due to founder Ani Phoebe’s touring commitments and the financial uncertainties associated with opening the business. 

Speaking on the launch, Bad Times Disco said: “The essence of the 5-month pop-up is to provide a physical space for music lovers and DJs in Hong Kong to meet each other that is not a party or an event – but rather a more stable and grounding, calming space. 

“Hong Kong is a hectic city where many people do not have time, let alone space, to meet each other. Party promoters and DJs are often isolated by their busy schedules and the city’s frenetic rhythm. Bad Times Disco will create a temporary music community space where people can come together to plot out new ideas, learn from each other, launch new music, exchange new ideas, and strengthen the city’s small underground music scene that has a lot of potential to grow.”

BEAMCUBE, Bangkok’s Newest Club is Now Open

Bangkok, Thailand—infamous for its ruggedly vibrant nightlife—introduces a groundbreaking addition to the scene. Having carved its own dynamic niche in the luxury clubbing space, Thonglor’s BEAM Club expands to the energetic Sathorn neighborhood with its latest venture, BEAMCUBE. The recently opened venue is set to redefine the city’s nocturnal landscape, offering a multifaceted destination for music enthusiasts and partygoers alike.

Situated on the 6th floor of the Mahanakorn Cube in Sathorn district, BEAMCUBE is more than just a nightclub. Bringing together an intimate cocktail bar, a sophisticated listening lounge fitted with top-of-the-line equipment for cutting-edge sound quality, and the promise of an unparalleled dance floor experience all under one roof, it’s a sanctuary for audiophiles as well as a new go-to spot for discerning guests. It is a natural evolution for the BEAM brand, already renowned and beloved for its lively dance floors, inventive cocktails, and infectious party energy.

Several features make BEAMCUBE stand out from Bangkok’s saturated clubbing landscape, namely:

Exceptional music curation. The programming at BEAMCUBE is curated by none other than Brent Burns (Transport) and Sebastian De La Cruz (Mumsfilibaba, Tropic City). This duo is guaranteed to deliver a diverse and electrifying musical journey for patrons.

A refined bar setting. Further elevating the experience is a dedicated selection of craft cocktails led by Beverage Manager Sebestian, formerly of Teens of Thailand. Expect expertly formulated libations to complement the music.

The focus on a holistic auditory experience. BEAMCUBE’s listening lounge concept provides the perfect space to connect with music on a deeper, more personal, and immersive level. Music aficionados will revel in the state-of-the-art sound design featuring a handmade TPI sound system.

BEAMCUBE’s soft launch, ongoing until January, sets the stage for another extraordinary achievement for Thailand’s restless capital city. This early phase allows guests to witness the gradual evolution of this new musical haven. Last weekend (November 17-18), the club kicked off with two inaugural international acts: Manchester-based DJ and producer Hidden Spheres as well as Parisian maestro Hugo LX, an encouraging suggestion of what’s to come.

As BEAM continues to grow, the company stays true to its commitment of providing remarkable experiences that celebrate the joy of music and dance. Bangkok’s nightlife already offers a symphony of experiences to explore. The addition of BEAMCUBE takes it to the next level, pushing its development in new directions.


For the very first time in Thailand’s boisterous capital, experimental electronic sound and avant-garde visual arts converge, taking center stage at DIAGE Festival to be held at Show DC, Bangkok throughout a weekend from November 11 to November 12.

The synergistic collaboration is helmed by a team of organizers from Zubscribe, design agency Choux Lab, motion graphics studio SquareDots., as well as Bangkok night club DECOMMUNE. Featuring over 60 Thai and international artists, the event is not only the first of its kind but one of the largest, most impressive showcases of high-caliber talent making waves and pushing the boundaries of dance music and digital art.

To shed more light on this groundbreaking effort, we spoke with Chaiyapat Plubsiri (Natt), DIAGE Founder and Creative Director, as well as Pathompol Chanin (New), Co-Founder and Music Director.

“Our passion for digital arts and electronic music led us to create DIAGE,” began Natt. With a founding team consisting of musicians and visual artists, the opportunity to combine forces was a natural compulsion. After traveling to various music and arts festivals across Asia and Europe, “We were impressed by the atmosphere and variety… and wanted to bring a similar experience to Thailand,” he concluded.

The concept had been floating around since the days of DECOMMUNE’s former location at Thonglor. Advocating for an artist and music-forward philosophy, the idea continued to grow. “Now, in 2023, it has come back with renewed enthusiasm and greater experience. We feel that now is the perfect time to pursue this endeavor and thus, we present DIAGE,” New explained.

DIAGE invites people from all walks of life to experience novel forms of entertainment. “Our festival aims to create diverse cultural experiences, promoting music and art while encouraging the exchange of ideas,” said Natt. “We offer another option for music festivals. One that presents new directions and diversity. Attending a music festival doesn’t have to be just about entertainment. You can come to learn, meet new people, and engage in conversations to exchange ideas and experiences. This could lead you to create something new in the future,” he emphasized.

Aside from riveting audiovisual performances by genre-crossing artists in the field, the DIAGE program includes talks and master classes, a coding workshop, immersive lighting and production design, as well as multimedia installations by regional artists. “We also want to provide a space for artists to find opportunities and a platform for them to shine,” said Natt.

He continued, “In addition to watching performances by various artists, we also invite them to join us for conversations, to share their behind-the-scenes experiences, thought processes, and deep-seated inspirations.” Unlike typical music festivals that mostly cater to party veterans and dance enthusiasts, DIAGE aspires to welcome a broader range of attendees. “Whether you’re in the audio/visual field, passionate about concert production, into coding, technology, and much more, delving into these discussions might just spark the creative force for you to showcase with us in the coming years. Who knows?” Natt implored.

“Our goal is to create a strong bond with our audience by highlighting the beauty of digital art and electronic music in our region,” stated New. “Our focus for this year is on visual technology. In the following year, we plan to expand to music production and performance art,” he added.

Among the festival highlights are performances and collaborative presentations by Nonotak, Doon Kanda & Jesse Kanda, Nosaj Thing & Daito Manabe, Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet, Peter Van Hoesen, Batu, Wanton Witch,, Marmosets, Ocean Lam, object blue, and more. Lighting and installations are provided by SquareDots., Human Spectrum, Footprints on Mars, Nawin Nuthong, Panlert, Sidehouse Sunshine, Trystand, Tara Emsavana, Kittikarn Amprot, and roma.

With such a progressive concept and eclectic roster of featured artists, DIAGE is sure to attract a mixed crowd including many first-time festival-goers and people unfamiliar with such experimental ideas. Bangkok is already known as a champion of inclusive, holistic events and festivals. The city celebrates cultural and gender diversity through art, music, and accessibility. The venue, at the 6th Floor Hall of Show DC, will be divided into five zones, with three distinct stages. Plenty of nearby hotels and accommodations along Rama 9 Road conveniently invite guests from around the world.

Trailblazing events like DIAGE that cultivate original experiences built on strong community spirit deserve the support of anyone and everyone seeking fresh perspectives on contemporary and alternative music, art, technology, and entertainment.

Finally, New urged, “Don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown. Keep an open mind and stay curious. The world is going furiously fast, man.”

And so are tickets to DIAGE, so make your reservations today!


From October 21 to 23, 2023, Unaharn Festival returns for two days and two nights of jungle revelry happening at Rabiangprai Valley Resort in Nakhon Nayok, a mere 2.5-hour journey from the bustling heart of Bangkok and one of Thailand’s pristine hidden gems. Nestled on the border of the Khao Yai National Park, this idyllic venue is enveloped by lush greenery and picturesque mountain vistas. The 6-hectare resort offers a variety of accommodations, from cozy cabins to private rooms, dormitories, and even tent areas. The enchanting location provides the perfect canvas for an outdoor festival surrounded by emerald greenery, majestic mountainscapes, refreshing pools and ponds. More than just a music festival, Unaharn promotes an experience grounded in nature, wellness, growth, and self-discovery, promising auditory delight as well as visual and spiritual immersion. Find harmony and balance between nature’s symphony and the diversity of underground club music.

Some of the featured artists include international maestros that have since found a home in Thailand such as Alex Zaldua (UK), Boris Rubin (Germany), Brent Burns (Transport, UK), Mumsfilibaba (Sweden), Luke July (Groovy Tunes, UK), and Vell (Boiled Wonderland Records, UK). Joining them from neighboring Hanoi, Vietnam are Savage club residents Di Linh and Ouissam. Rounding out the roster are champions and leaders of Thailand’s underground scene: Chalo (More Rice), DOTT (More Rice), Jirus (Never Normal), DJ Sweed (Decommune), DJ Tada (Kleaning Service), Bestrip, and Mac Rattana. Of course, along with Unaharn founder Gaspray (Belgium).

Each of these talented DJs brings their own unique style and energy to Unaharn 2023, providing tunes throughout the weekend and promising an unforgettable weekend of extraordinary music, dance, and camaraderie. Don’t miss out on the fun, grab your tickets for Unaharn Festival today!

Celebrating One Year of Grooves: Seoul Club Nyapi’s First Anniversary

Seoul’s very own Nyapi is gearing up to celebrate its first anniversary this weekend. This milestone will be marked by two incredible events on Friday and Saturday nights, promising a non-stop fiesta that will keep the party going until the early hours of Sunday, August 13th. With more than 10 phenomenal local DJs gracing the turntables, including the likes of Airbear, dguru, Hyerang, club founder FFAN, and special guest KZA from Japan – Nyapi is ready to blow out its first candle.

Beyond the beats stretching over two floors – the Veranda and the Main Stage, there’s an extra special treat in store for all attendees. Nyapi’s art director, the visionary Hugo Capablanca, will unveil a captivating collection of original artworks. His distinct artistic vision has been instrumental in shaping Nyapi’s identity “ HOME OF THE FREE “, and this exclusive art sale is a fitting tribute to Nyapi’s first anniversary celebration.

Nyapi has not only celebrated established artists, such as Skatebård, Soyoon or CHIDA but has also been a platform for rising local talents like Mogwaa or Juncheol to shine. This commitment to supporting the music community has led to a tight-knit family of artists and fans that make every night at Nyapi feel like a family reunion.

If you’re in Seoul this weekend, get ready to dance, connect, and create lasting memories as Seoul’s favorite club marks its first remarkable year and sets the stage for an even brighter future.

Sea Line Festival

The Hung Kings’ Festival is an event that has its roots in Vietnam’s oldest traditions and rich cultural heritage, commemorating the country’s ancient rulers. What better way to enjoy this national holiday than by soaking up the sun, feeling the sand between your toes, and dancing the night away?

Happening at Sao Beach Bar 1 in Phu Quoc, Sea Line Festival asks you to put on your finest beach threads, shake off your troubles, and party like modern day royalty. On April 29, from 12:00PM until 8:00AM the next day, get your fill of fun activities and quality music provided by 15 top-tier international and local DJs. Food courts, face painting, massage beds, and a tattoo station are sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

Considered the country’s island resort paradise, Phu Quoc is the ultimate setting for this boutique event concept organized by Saigon-based group, Tripology. They partnered with DAD Resort Phu Quoc, offering festivalgoers a chance to stay at the 4-star-rated property for half the price.

Whether you prefer to dance under the wooden dome or out on the sandy shores, a groovy selection of soul, funk, disco, house, deep house, techno, and eclectic beats await. Helming the decks are Superstar Panda from Thailand, Arun R from Hong Kong, alongside local players like Ouissam, Ling:Chi, MAQman, and DJ Ouch!

Every detail of the event has been thoughtfully planned out to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure for festivalgoers. From the stage setup to the sound quality, the festival is designed to provide a high-caliber experience full of vibrant energy, guaranteed to give you and your crew an experience you will remember for years to come. Picture getting together with your friends, vibing to expertly mixed tunes from the festival’s lineup, looking out at the crystal clear waters, tropical drinks in hand, and toasting to unforgettable memories.

There has never been a better opportunity to experience the magic of Phu Quoc, so pack that weekend bag and book your tickets today.

Organik 2023

After a Covid-induced hibernation and a special one-off autumn edition, Organik is back to its original spring habitat. This year, the festival will celebrate an entire decade of existence. To celebrate its ten years of musical journeys and to provide a fresh start decade, the festival has found a new location. Located conveniently, less than an hour’s drive outside of Taipei, the new site, as can be expected of the Smoke Machine crew, features tranquil beaches and lush jungles surrounding the venue. 

Taking place from Friday, April 21st, until April 23rd, the festival will host a multitude of stages with a wide range of artists across a broad musical spectrum. 

Early announcements for this year’s edition include: 


Amor Satyr

Call Super

Clarisa Kimskii





Sedef Adasi

Sunju Hargun